Freeing Your Inner Hippie

Yesterday I didn’t brush my hair and it still looked smoking hot. Well, maybe it did to me. I put on my long hippie skirt, a tie dyed t-shirt and felt like myself for the first time in months. Clothing can be just as comforting as a warm cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate chip cookie… yes, I tend to eat my feelings and equate food with love. I have great memories of activities I did while wearing hippie skirts, like substitute teaching kindergarten. Those kids love the hippie skirts. The girls are amazed by them and the little boys enthralled. All they want me to do is turn circles and fan it out. It’s a great feeling to make someone happy just by twirling your skirt. Maybe we need to twirl our hippie skirts more often, then we wouldn’t be so bitter and complex. So break out your twirly skirt and twirl for all you’re worth.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I’m still bitter. And angry. But now I get to be bitter and angry in my own comfy clothes.


About carriecabral

I'm a bitter woman. I recently lost my campaign for State Representative and now have to find something to do. Campaigning consumed my life, morning noon and night for eight months. I keep asking myself, "What next?" but I don't get an answer. I felt it would be cathartic to start a blog about what I am doing now that the campaign is over, no matter how mundane the task.
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