Is it just me or did President Bush sound stupid on the TV this morning?

I want to first say I have the utmost respect for former President George Bush. However, he sounded idiotic on the Morning Show with Matt Lauer today. In fact, his stuttering and rambling led me to wonder if he has even read the book he “wrote”. He didn’t answer questions with any amount of relevancy… he just kept talking about “selling” the book. It makes me wonder just how out of touch our elected officials are and the residual effects associated with being in a position of power.

I’ll try to find the video.


About carriecabral

I'm a bitter woman. I recently lost my campaign for State Representative and now have to find something to do. Campaigning consumed my life, morning noon and night for eight months. I keep asking myself, "What next?" but I don't get an answer. I felt it would be cathartic to start a blog about what I am doing now that the campaign is over, no matter how mundane the task.
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