Todays Mood: Reflective

Today I can’t help but think of our veterans and active service men and women. We set aside Veterans Day to honor the brave men and women who have given the ultimate gift in exchange for the freedoms we currently have. This also gets me to thinking about the people in other countries that we have liberated over the last hundred or so years. Most of us consider Veterans Day to be singularly American, when in truth it’s Global. Think of all the wars we have been involved in all in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

My post won’t be bitter today. I would like to encourage you to attend a Veterans Day service today. I will be at the Washington County courthouse at 11:00 am for our ceremony. See you there?


About carriecabral

I'm a bitter woman. I recently lost my campaign for State Representative and now have to find something to do. Campaigning consumed my life, morning noon and night for eight months. I keep asking myself, "What next?" but I don't get an answer. I felt it would be cathartic to start a blog about what I am doing now that the campaign is over, no matter how mundane the task.
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