Things that make you say “WTF?”.

As I’m sure many of you, if you have eyes and watch television, are familiar with HSUS. HSUS is a radical anti-agriculture group who takes in millions of dollars every year in the name of “helping” animals, yet spends a fraction of that money to actually help or facilitate help for the animals. With over $162 million in accumulated assets and money, HSUS is the wealthiest animal rights organization in the United States and possibly the world.

HSUS President, Wayne Pacelle, has an agenda… to make you a vegan. In an interview with the Washington Post Pacelle made the following remarks:
“I think we will see a real reduction in the number of people wearing fur and the number of major retailers selling fur,” he says. “We will see the end of wild animals in circus acts and the end of horse slaughter for human food. Humane sustainable agriculture, that should happen. So should phasing out animals used in research.

“Hunting? I think you will see a steady decline in numbers, and we’ll see the elimination of particularly extreme practices like canned hunts and baiting.”

What he doesn’t know is whether it’ll take five years or 50 years. “I think we will look back on these practices in 2050 or 2075 and say, ‘I cannot believe the collective callousness we exhibited to these feeling creatures.’ ”

Pepsi is currently running a program called the “Pepsi Refresh Project”. It encourages groups to submit ideas for improving their communities, etc. HSUS has applied and is currently in the lead for a $250,000 award… ahead of multiple HUMANITARIAN groups. The key word here is HUMAN. While I feel for animals, they are in fact animals. They are not people and do not deserve the same rights as people. When our culture starts putting animals ahead of humans, we are in terrible danger. We wonder why our children have a difficult time feeling empathy towards their fellow man. Well, folks this is why. We place higher regard on the lives of animals than we do human beings.

I’m going to post the link to the Pepsi Challenge, merely because I want you to take a good look at it and see for yourself this startling trend… putting animals before people.


About carriecabral

I'm a bitter woman. I recently lost my campaign for State Representative and now have to find something to do. Campaigning consumed my life, morning noon and night for eight months. I keep asking myself, "What next?" but I don't get an answer. I felt it would be cathartic to start a blog about what I am doing now that the campaign is over, no matter how mundane the task.
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