Mr. Scammer Man Part 3

This is getting too interesting for words. Really. Whoever I’m writing to hasn’t a clue about current pop culture.

Thanks for your contact details is my hope we became friends for ever.the courier
company have assign an officer to deliver the boxes to you and he as left . since he
has diplomatic Immunity, the consignment will not be subject to rigorous screening.
His Name is John Adams. I will like you to contact him through this email
( kindly Assist him to make sure the boxes get
to your house ASAP.Please also reconfirm your contact details to him ,your Phone
contact address and id so he will know who he will met to avoid wrong identity

Note that the Officer must no know the content of the consignment as cash;in case he
ask you just let him know the boxes are your personal effect. the money is packed
in 3 boxes and sealed as highly priority consignment with diplomatic immunity with
80GTS/DHPC/705/08. I have the unlock code with me, i will send the lock code as soon
as you confirm to me that you have the boxes.I am from New Orleans ; LA 70130
attended West Jefferson High School , 2200 8th St Harvey , LA 70058
I hope that I will be relief of duty first to Third week of June 2011, my backup is
currently wounded.

God bless you as I bring you this message of hope (Oh, now he’s a psychic! Woohoo!)
My prayer for you today

You will find favor with someone you don’t
expect .
You will be too relevant to be ignored,
You will encounter GOD and will never remain
the same,
The grace for completion will come on you, you
shall be blessed till the blessed call you blessed, (Now God is involved. This must be serious.)

The hand that will received this message to others
shall not labour in vain, Amen
The mouth saying ”Amen” to this prayer shall
laugh for ever, Amen.

Very , Very , soon and I say Very , Very , Very soon, GOD is going
to do a miracle and lift you up for GOOD.
Very , Very , soon and I say Very , Very , Very soon, GOD is going
to do a miracle and lift you up for GOOD.



About carriecabral

I'm a bitter woman. I recently lost my campaign for State Representative and now have to find something to do. Campaigning consumed my life, morning noon and night for eight months. I keep asking myself, "What next?" but I don't get an answer. I felt it would be cathartic to start a blog about what I am doing now that the campaign is over, no matter how mundane the task.
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