Committing Pork Blasphemy

Today I am committing pork blasphemy. I am cooking both Canadian and traditional bacon. On the same griddle. Surely, somewhere in a book, I’m committing a heinous violation of Shar’ia law or some other nonsense. At least it will taste good while I’m blaspheming.

Speaking of blasphemy, recently in the news I read a story about a Pakistani Christian woman who was sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy against Muhammad. According to the woman’s co-workers she stated that Muhammad was a lay-about who had worms crawling in his ears and mouth during the last year of his life. A man who married his child bride for money and booted her out on her ass. This was reported to higher authorities and as a result she was arrested and tried. This statement was released:

Police say Bibi was charged with breaking section 295-C of Pakistan’s penal code, which says: “Whoever … defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.”

Gosh, Islam really is the religion of peace… at the end of a rope, enforced with intimidation and degradation. Think about that today while you’re eating your bacon. I sure will be.

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Things that make you say “WTF?”.

As I’m sure many of you, if you have eyes and watch television, are familiar with HSUS. HSUS is a radical anti-agriculture group who takes in millions of dollars every year in the name of “helping” animals, yet spends a fraction of that money to actually help or facilitate help for the animals. With over $162 million in accumulated assets and money, HSUS is the wealthiest animal rights organization in the United States and possibly the world.

HSUS President, Wayne Pacelle, has an agenda… to make you a vegan. In an interview with the Washington Post Pacelle made the following remarks:
“I think we will see a real reduction in the number of people wearing fur and the number of major retailers selling fur,” he says. “We will see the end of wild animals in circus acts and the end of horse slaughter for human food. Humane sustainable agriculture, that should happen. So should phasing out animals used in research.

“Hunting? I think you will see a steady decline in numbers, and we’ll see the elimination of particularly extreme practices like canned hunts and baiting.”

What he doesn’t know is whether it’ll take five years or 50 years. “I think we will look back on these practices in 2050 or 2075 and say, ‘I cannot believe the collective callousness we exhibited to these feeling creatures.’ ”

Pepsi is currently running a program called the “Pepsi Refresh Project”. It encourages groups to submit ideas for improving their communities, etc. HSUS has applied and is currently in the lead for a $250,000 award… ahead of multiple HUMANITARIAN groups. The key word here is HUMAN. While I feel for animals, they are in fact animals. They are not people and do not deserve the same rights as people. When our culture starts putting animals ahead of humans, we are in terrible danger. We wonder why our children have a difficult time feeling empathy towards their fellow man. Well, folks this is why. We place higher regard on the lives of animals than we do human beings.

I’m going to post the link to the Pepsi Challenge, merely because I want you to take a good look at it and see for yourself this startling trend… putting animals before people.

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Todays Mood: Reflective

Today I can’t help but think of our veterans and active service men and women. We set aside Veterans Day to honor the brave men and women who have given the ultimate gift in exchange for the freedoms we currently have. This also gets me to thinking about the people in other countries that we have liberated over the last hundred or so years. Most of us consider Veterans Day to be singularly American, when in truth it’s Global. Think of all the wars we have been involved in all in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

My post won’t be bitter today. I would like to encourage you to attend a Veterans Day service today. I will be at the Washington County courthouse at 11:00 am for our ceremony. See you there?

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Is it just me or did President Bush sound stupid on the TV this morning?

I want to first say I have the utmost respect for former President George Bush. However, he sounded idiotic on the Morning Show with Matt Lauer today. In fact, his stuttering and rambling led me to wonder if he has even read the book he “wrote”. He didn’t answer questions with any amount of relevancy… he just kept talking about “selling” the book. It makes me wonder just how out of touch our elected officials are and the residual effects associated with being in a position of power.

I’ll try to find the video.

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Freeing Your Inner Hippie

Yesterday I didn’t brush my hair and it still looked smoking hot. Well, maybe it did to me. I put on my long hippie skirt, a tie dyed t-shirt and felt like myself for the first time in months. Clothing can be just as comforting as a warm cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate chip cookie… yes, I tend to eat my feelings and equate food with love. I have great memories of activities I did while wearing hippie skirts, like substitute teaching kindergarten. Those kids love the hippie skirts. The girls are amazed by them and the little boys enthralled. All they want me to do is turn circles and fan it out. It’s a great feeling to make someone happy just by twirling your skirt. Maybe we need to twirl our hippie skirts more often, then we wouldn’t be so bitter and complex. So break out your twirly skirt and twirl for all you’re worth.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I’m still bitter. And angry. But now I get to be bitter and angry in my own comfy clothes.

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Todays Mood: Upbeat but still bitter.

I ran four miles today. I like to run at the local cemetery. It’s quiet and there are hills. No one is going to say things like, “Sorry you didn’t win. I voted for you.” or “Will you be running for _____________ (insert Mayor, Assessor, Commissioner, Public Administrator, School Board or Alderman here)?” The only thing I will be running for anytime in the near future is the icecream truck or the Schwans van. Let the dust settle people.

If I’ve learned anything on this journey it’s that, in politics, we eat our own. By that I mean that there is serious infighting and sabotage. I’m not suggesting there was sabotage in my campaign, but I saw it first hand in a few Senate campaigns and others this cycle. How will we ever be taken seriously if we keep fighting against one another? I’ve seen people I held in high esteem sink to new lows in the name of “power”.

Maybe the mood for today is “reflective”.

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Ramblings of a Bitter Nature

Unemployed and downtrodden, it’s the mood of the day. I recently lost a bid for State Representative to a 33 year old boy who lives at home with his mother and father and mows the lawn at a golf course. It’s a bit demoralizing to lose that way. Did I mention that his mother is the current Representative who has termed out? I guess that’s the bit of slightly tarnished silver lining that I could apply to the situation. Any way you cut it, it still sucks. When you are involved in a campaign you spend your mornings, noons and nights completely engrossed with your campaign. You have to always be “on” and learn to speak in “sound bites”. Anything you say can and will be misquoted in the press.

I’m bitter. Bitter and angry.

That’s the mood for the day. I feel the need to go to a shooting range, but honestly my pajamas are very comfortable and I don’t think I should go out in public in them. Though, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for this particular area. It might even improve my “street cred” around here. Just for giggles, yesterday I went out after church (no, the roof did not fall in when I walked inside) to Wal-Mart (aka hell in a brick building) wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, shorts, my UGGS and a ponytail. It was very freeing. My airbrush makeup machine is back in it’s box, waiting for a time when it’s needed to give me a camera-ready appearance.

I’m not sure what to do with my day today. When you have too much time on your hands you tend to get absolutely nothing done.

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